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Friday, August 18, 2006

DMOZ editor wants $300 to list a site

Original Post Webproworld

A DMOZ editor is soliciting me for money. Check out the email I received from Daniel Kotarski, editor for the http://dmoz.org/Sports/Fantasy/Football/Commissioner_Tools/ category. His DMOZ username is dankotarski. If you feel he should be reported for abuse after reading this topic, please do it here:


I am the editor of the DMOZ category to which your site was submitted. Despite what everyone says, you DO get your site listed faster (and everyone knows how important it is to be listed in DMOZ) by throwing an editor a few bucks (no-one on DMOZ will ever admint to that though). The key is, you need to find the right editor.....



I responded with, "How much does the dmoz listing cost?" and got this response:



Although it is not something the ODP (dmoz) does on an open basis, it's editors do. You won't read about it anywhere and you can talk to dmoz's "meta" editors about it - they will only tell you that they "dont condone such activity and that the culprit will be stripped of his dmoz editorship rights." (Of course, that's not what really happens). There are no prices set in stone, it's just whatever you feel it's worth. The more you offer, the sooner it gets listed. I listed a chart below to give you a general idea about how much will get you what.

I know how this sounds. But believe me, it's worth it - especially if you plan to make money from your site. I know because i did the same thing. The bottom line is, Dmoz editor's are so busy keeping sites updated (and listing new ones) that they don't have time to review very many sites. It takes alot of time to review a site and theres alot of editor BS that needs to be done afterwards. Typically, it takes about an hour to review a site and even longer to finish the whole process. After it has been approved, no matter when that is, it takes a few days to be able to search your site on dmoz's main page and anywhere from 1 day to 60 days to finally get listed in the Google directory (which is really DMOZ's data).

If you plan on having a popular website, especially if you plan on making money from it through membership fees or paid advertisements, you absolutely MUST be listed in dmoz. Being in DMOZ will take your pagerank from 0/10 to 3/10 overnight. Unless you're listed in the ODP, you're site will not be found very easily, even if you parttake in the Pay-Per-Click campaign such as google, yahoo or msn. In short, if you're not listed in DMOZ, you're nobody. That's not just me talking, thats a fact.

Everyone who has suggested a site to dmoz knows that you may wait a VERY long time to get listed. My site took 2 years to get listed - and that's typical. I have read posts in google groups where people waited as long as 3 years! Its true, go here to read them:


The work-around is getting in touch with a dmoz editor (me) and suggesting that they review your site...and making it worth while. Typically, in the past, people have paid:

To get reviewed:
Within a year: $50.00
Within 6 Months: $75.00
Within 3 Months: $90.00
Within 1 Month: $125.00
Within 2 Weeks: $180.00
Within 1 Week: $225.00
Within 3 Days: $275.00
Within 24 hours: $300.00
ASAP: $350.00

Personally, i believe this to be an incredible deal since Yahoo directory charges 300.00/yr for a listing and it takes 7 days for them to review your site.......even then there is no guarantee that you'll get listed and they STILL keep you $300.00. DMOZ is much more important to be listed in than yahoo.

If you are interested, you can pay by check or credit card via PayPal. If you decide you want to get reviewed ASAP, I will start reviewing as soon as i see the payment go through.

Again, THIS IS A ONE-TIME OFFER so let me know what you want to do (in other words, dont wait too long).



Please post your comments on this.



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