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Friday, June 30, 2006

New Look to Google Adwords

I noticed that AdWords has quietly released some new changes to the way that AdWords looks.
It looks like they've cleaned up the interface adding tabs to reduce clutter. Everything is on separate tabs. So far it seems pretty cool.

This is what Google says about the changes:

As AdWords has developed more features for advertisers, the Ad Group pages have begun to overflow with data. We've redesigned the page to display more information and present it in a way that's easy to grasp.

These changes do not affect the performance of your ads or of your account. The only change is in the way Ad Group details are displayed to you.

Your account statistic tables are now presented on separate tabs, which can be found along the upper right edge of the table. These are the available tabs:

* Summary displays the performance totals for your Ad Group.
* Keywords shows you how individual keywords are performing, and allows you to add new keywords or edit existing ones. This tab appears only in campaigns with keyword-targeted ads.
* Sites shows you how your ad is performing on individual sites you have selected. You can add new sites or change your bid for existing ones. This tab appears only in campaigns with site-targeted ads.
* Ad Variations displays all the ads you have created for this campaign. You can add, edit or delete ads here.

At any time, you can view the information from all your tabs on a single long page. To do so, click the View all tabs at once link below the display table. To return to the tab view, click Condense tables into tabs.

The date range selection tool for your statistics has also changed significantly. It previously was displayed along the right edge of the table. The date range is now shown along the top left of the table. Click the new Change range link to choose different dates.

You'll also notice changes to these other features on the page:

* The Create New Ad links have been moved to the Ad Variations tabs.
* The Edit Sites and CPMs feature has been renamed Edit Site Settings.
* The keyword tool links, formerly at the top of the table, have been moved to the Keywords tab.
* The Delete Ad Group function has been moved to the pull-down menu on the Summary tab.
* For clarity, the Filter keywords function has been renamed Search this list.



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