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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Value of Inbound Link from PR=0 page?

Value of Inbound Link from PR=0 page?: "First, you must understand that there are different kinds of PageRank. There is the Google Directory PageRank and the Google Toolbar PageRank. They are both calculated differently. I will assume you are referring to the Google Toolbar since that is what most people think of when they refer to PageRank.

You actually answered your OWN question...

Originally Posted by Ergobob
I understand that there is value to all links regardless of PR.

As you already stated, no page actually has a PageRank of ZERO. If a page has not been indexed, the Toolbar will show 'no data'. If it shows as being a '0 out of 10' in the Toolbar, it really means that the page has a value of less than 1.

Without going off on a very long detailed explanation of how PageRank is calculated and transferred, I'll just give the short version.

In theory, Google's algorithm assumes that every page on the Internet starts with a Value of 1 (or at least every page that they have indexed, which is somewhere around 12 billion right now). So, their system calculates a complete worldwide value of about 12 billion. They must disperse this PageRank to all pages based on linking structures. Being that it is a simultaneous equation, it really works like a pendulum that shifts fractions of PageRank from site to site, back and forth until the equation is as close to 'balanced' as is adequate to generate their Hub & Authority model.

If every page has an initial value of 1, part of that ranking is given up to a page it links to. If that page links back to the first one and nothing else, then it would be a wash and both pages would remain equal.

This is in theory. In reality, it is never that simple. You may have links from pages you don't even know about. Rem"


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