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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Buyer Behaviour

It is so important in sales to know the buyers behaviour. Yesterday I went to one of the leading shopping malls in Hyderabad to purchase a deodorant. I reached the place where all Men health products were displayed, suddenly a group of floor executives who are taking care of different brands started approaching me and forcing me to try their products.

Instead of knowing my budget and my choices they started showing me the different fragrances and variety of sprays and Deo's what they are having. This is purely waste of time. At last I came out of that group of people who were troubling me.

After few steps, one more floor executive approached me and asked a simple question - Sir, "What range of price you are looking for?". I liked his way of approach. I told him that I am looking for BRUT Deo, which costs some where around 200rs. With my answer the executive has fastly analyzed the product im looking for. He came to know that I am looking for a Good brand and my price range is some where around 200 rs to 250 rs.

As ithe product which i perfer was out of stock, he quickly suggested me to got for NIKE Deo. Till date I am not aware of NIKE selling Deo's. He showed me different fragrances in NIKE. I dont prefer to change the brand of which i use in my daily life, but i was impressed by the way of the executive and and hence I purchased it.

Points to be considered from the above small case study:

  1. Listen to your customer or buyers requirements.
  2. Know his price range.
  3. Describe your services or products based on his requirements.
  4. Highlight the advantages of your products.
  5. Educate him, if it is a new product. Give a small demo or sample.
  6. Take feedback from him once you finished the Demo.
  7. Leave the choice to him for purchase.

If you take care of these basic things, I am sure that most of the sales will be converted into business.



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